Recruiting and training new in-house teams or individuals is expensive and exhausting, but it can turn into a disaster if you hire the wrong people. Outsourcing your paid media can be nerve wracking, our media managers are world-class, with over $1Bn managed collectively in paid media spend. That means you can rest easy knowing that your client’s Google Ads PPC campaigns are with us.

With internet marketing agencies and companies becoming increasingly competitive, it’s critical that you only work with established white label PPC services that can demonstrate results in some of the most competitive paid search industries online. T.C. Jennings Consulting offers the most professional, comprehensive, and highest quality white label PPC services to marketing agencies.

We want you to focus on your core competencies and selling your digital services. We supply you with a completely autonomous option to add an extra revenue stream to your organization or improve the retention rate within your existing clients. There’s no need to deal with the hassles, high expenses, and danger of employing and training an in-house team or dealing with the freelance market. We are trained and professional media managers with account experience in F500 and tech unicorn startups. We can deliver the quality you need, at the speed you want.

We make it simple for you to sell top-tier PPC services with confidence and quality. Allow us to be a part of your team to handle all aspects of PPC strategy, execution, and management as you expand and scale your services.

What Are White Label PPC Services?

Is the term White Label PPC services or Outsourced PPC Management new to you? If so, we’ll explain the concept a bit more.. In a white label agreement, you use another agency’s PPC talent and sell it to your clients as your own, which is known as white labeling PPC. All you need to do is understand the nitty-gritty of your provider’s service to market it to your clients properly

It’s another method to expand and develop your company without working with untrustworthy contractors or the cost of recruiting in-house. It also eliminates the need for pricey bidding and reporting tools and other items that will help you better serve your clients.


Services Provided by TC Jennings Consulting Under White Label PPC

Strategic Level Retainer

We serve as the strategic lead on the account, providing multi-channel analysis, audits, and recommendations to the media team and stakeholders for execution. SOW and Deliverables would be similar to those of a Senior Account Director and Senior Data Analyst.

White Label Execution

On-board meetings and docs, install ad and reporting infrastructure, build and execute strategy for the client account(s) right from the start to the end. Everything is white-labeled from our end so that you can simply package your service under your brand name and provide it to your clients.

Onboarding Flow

Onboard new clients with best-in-class ad infrastructure - analytics tags, dashboards, and integrations installed. Our complete paid media account build includes project docs, data studio dashboards, and strategic plans. Flows can be done in 90-day increments per account.

Training Workshops

Remote or on-site, we provide customized workshops to upskill your team so that you can offer exceptional services to your clients. Our workshops include sessions on how to create and deliver a performance marketing forecast, triage a performance drop in paid media, and many more.

Analytics Retainer

We provide consulting and execution for analytics tech stack, attribution modeling, data visualization, and data engineering.

Pricing Structures

  • Retainer: Custom, deal size usually ranges from $10,000 – $20,000 depending on SOW
  • Hourly: Our hourly rate is a flat $125 per hour. Usually around ~75 hours per month
  • Incentive: % of ad spend: Reserved for enterprise-level accounts, negotiable at time of contract
  • Workshops: Range from $5 – $20K + travel expenses
  • Contract lengths: 6 – 12 months
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Outsource your PPC Services and optimize your services or take on more work without the added effort or overhead.Fast-growing agencies in all industries and niches are choosing TC Jennings Consulting’s outsourced PPC services to take their business to the next level. Why? Because they have experienced PPC outsourcing benefits like never before.

Personalized Branding

We understand the importance of branding and how big brands constantly strive to provide better services and products while maintaining their brand value. Our white-label service keeps the branding intact and streamlines the production process so that you can provide performance marketing and branding solutions to your clients.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Outsourcing your PPC work to us will help you save money on Human Resource (HR) expenses associated with hiring, training, onboarding, and benefits. We can onboard within 7-14 days and be up and running in your clients' account. Can you say the same for a new hire?

Stress-free PPC Management

Is your agency's management team experiencing stress due to its workload? When you outsource your pay per click work/projects to us, we accomplish all the complex tasks quickly and with the proficiency of a team with over 20 years of collective experience. The results are up-to-date and well-organized, giving you the freedom to make the best decisions for your business.

Industry Expertise

Our expert solutions assist in obtaining effective results because they deal with any significant complexity and utilize professional advanced problem-solving methodologies. Our in-house team is certified in both Google Ads And Bing Ads, and our working approach follows a step-by-step method and takes appropriate steps to provide you with a solid digital marketing strategy.

Customized Reporting

We create and provide personalized and branded reports for all accounts weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We can either send the report to you or straight to your client (white-labeled at all points). The report is branded to YOUR agency in either case, and the end client will never know we exist so that you can rest assured.

Where All We Can Help With White Label PPC

  • Google Ads
  • Google Display Networks
  • Gmail Ads
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
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Here’s what you can expect from T.C. Jennings Consulting as your White Label PPC advertising partner

  1. We take care of everything from AdWords/Bing account creation, set-up, ad content, optimization, landing pages, conversion tracking, call tracking, reporting, and more when you outsource PPC management to us.
  2. We are paid search and conversion rate optimization experts, and that’s all we do to expand your services.
  3. Use us to write ad copy, transfer existing campaigns to us for continuing administration, or even handle end-to-end fulfillment.
  4. Progress updates are constantly at your fingertips, whether you need to pull figures for a client meeting in the next few minutes or simply despise micromanaging.
  5. We design our solutions on the metrics you want to see so you can get real-time, transparent information at any moment.
  6. Consider us as an extension of your in-house team, making the partnership more integrated and accessible.
  7. For an authentic white label PPC management experience, we’re flexible and adaptable to the way you work.
  8. We do the work. You get the credit

Why Partner With Us

We provide result-focused performance marketing services and deal with a wide range of firms, including SEO companies, digital agencies, website developers, ad agencies, and various sorts of consultants, so you can trust us to find the best-personalized approach for your company and clientele.

T.C. Jennings Consulting has worked with some of the greatest agencies globally and has been their trustworthy PPC agency partner. We’ve completed and delivered agency SOWs to the highest standards, under the most trying circumstances, and on the shortest timescales possible. As a result, we are comfortable dealing with situations that require extreme precision to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients.

Your accounts will be served with the best-in-class deliverables and professionalism thanks to our years of experience and expertise. In addition, our solutions will save your agency thousands of dollars by avoiding the costs of employing and training in-house paid search workers while also enhancing your profit margins.

Transparent Pricing

Our easy-to-understand pricing structure gives you enough room to make a healthy profit on top of our fee

Ownership of Accounts

You can keep all of the data and the creatives, ad content, and campaigns, providing you with complete control of all your client accounts.

Client Retention

We get the job done quickly and help you create a rapport with your customers, which will help you maintain a long-term relationship.


As a genuine silent partner, our team never talks directly with your clients unless you want us to. All communication is tightly limited to a list of predefined account contacts.

How Does It All Work?

Step 1: Start Discussion
Simply contact us, and we’ll review your requirements, develop a detailed action plan, and provide you with an estimate.

Step 2: Get Into Action
This is where we get down to business. This may include strategy development, keyword research, competitor analysis, ad account installation, ad copy creation, tracking setup, and optimization- all depending on your requirements.

Step 3: Reporting & Maintenance
You’ll receive monthly reports on details covering how our efforts impact your bottom line. You can retain us on your team for as little or as long as possible.

Are You Ready To Partner With Our White Label PPC Experts?

Partner with us today and get your clients a highly-optimized, revenue-focused, and cost-effective PPC marketing campaign. Contact our performance marketing consultant now.

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What They Say


T.C. was a trusted advisor on strategy and tactics for our accounts. His guidance in performance marketing helped our account perform significantly better within 90 days. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to increase the productivity of their paid channels.

Anthony Blatner CMO,


I worked with TC on a ppc team that was primarily focused on B2B businesses and was thoroughly impressed with his ability to think strategically; Not only on the clients needs but also internally, especially pertaining to scalability. Bringing innovative ideas to the table was definitely an appreciated strong suit.

Blake D. Smith Digital Marketing Manager


TC demystified a lot of confusing things about paid media for us. And he synthesized our ideas with his best practices to get a great Linkedin campaign up and running for us in two weeks! Plus he’s a great guy- energetic, responsive and fun to work with.

Rocco Seyboth VP Marketing, LinearB