Marketing organizations are under more pressure than ever to enhance their effectiveness and optimize their marketing performance. The emergence of iOS14 and other consumer-centric privacy regulations has severely limited the data marketing teams have at their disposal. As a result, business leaders want to be updated at all times on the performance of their marketing spending and if the spend is adding value to the organization by locating, reaching, engaging, converting, and retaining customers.

However, many marketing executives and agencies struggle with marketing performance measurement and analysis, leaving them unable to address critical business concerns adequately. Not just that, many agencies work with clients facing data challenges outside the agency team’s knowledge. Agencies are stumped on how to set up the MarTech stack properly, explain sophisticated data structures to clients, and provide meaningful account analysis.

As marketing analytics consultants, we assist agencies and businesses in setting up a data-driven marketing department by delivering a custom-tailored strategy and tech stack game-plan. In addition, we offer marketing consulting to help you accurately set up data integrations, connect data points, optimize reporting systems, and empower your team to be subject matter experts in analytics.

We’re passionate about the digital experience and helping organizations uncover new ways to see their customers at T.C. Jennings Consulting. We’ve assisted businesses in turning complex data sets into actionable insights that empower marketing teams and agencies to adapt value-driven action and fuel change engines.

How do we do it?

We can help you turn your client’s data into actionable deliverables that lead to better performance. Also, we will explain the flow of the customer journey as it relates to campaign performance and consumer experience utilizing data visualization tools. Our experience working with enterprise leaders and tech startups has positioned us in a unique place in the market – we are helping the biggest and most agile companies tackle their data challenges, which allows us to help your clients.

We are passionate about how we provide digital analytics consulting to our customers. We perform an in-depth study of patterns and correlations of marketing tactics with root cause analysis with every engagement. This all aids in developing enhanced techniques that can assist client accounts in determining what advertising inventory to buy, when to buy it, and where to buy it. Our marketing and analytics professionals can assist you in gaining precise knowledge of how to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns and boost your return on investment (ROI).

Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that your project investment yields positive results for your company. As a result of our collaboration, you can anticipate the following outcomes:

  • Evaluation of unstructured and structured data sources and the required marketing analytics platforms
  • We identify digital marketing strategy, gaps, and places for improvement
  • Development of an analytics strategy based on the goals of the organization
  • Establishing a data-driven insight and reporting approach
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What is marketing analytics and consulting?

Your marketing data should be captured, analyzed, and acted upon. The marketing analytics initiative aims to get actionable insights from your marketing data by continuously learning from the user and organizational activities to make better decisions and improve business outcomes.

Marketing analytics refers to the tools and methods that allow marketers to assess the success of their company’s marketing efforts. Marketers do this by tracking performance across all channels, including social media, blogging, and channel communications. In addition, essential business measures such as marketing attribution, ROI, and overall marketing effectiveness are used in analytics.

These indicators can help you determine how well all of your marketing campaigns are performing. It also enables you to collect information from various marketing methods. This allows you to compile all of the data into a single marketing picture. This view will let you get analytical results that you may utilize to help you advance your marketing efforts.

As analytics consultants, we help companies enhance productivity and solve problems. They’re in charge of obtaining and evaluating business data, suggesting improvements, and generating revenue. Analytics consultants like us assist companies in developing and implementing strategies for optimizing their websites and enhancing their online presence. We are in charge of generating key performance indicators and putting up automatic reports for a company’s website.

See how you can optimize your marketing efforts with analytics.

Marketing analytics refers to the tools and methods that allow marketers to assess the success of their company’s marketing efforts. We do this by tracking performance across all channels and essential business measures such as marketing attribution, ROI, and overall marketing effectiveness.

These indicators can help you determine how well all of your marketing campaigns are performing. It also enables you to collect information from various marketing methods and compile all data into a single marketing picture. This view will allow you to get analytical results that you may utilize to help you advance your marketing efforts.

Bringing data to the center of your decision-making process demands more than just powerful automation platforms and technologies. A tool can provide you with real-time data, but the most challenging part for any business is establishing a link between data and taking action. This is where we come to:

  • Develop a successful marketing analytics approach
  • Act as a marketing analytics expert who helps you fill in the blanks in your data
  • Act as a marketing analytics consultant who is a third-party observer
  • Fill in the gaps in your team’s knowledge.
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Services TC Jennings Consulting Offers

Tech Stack Audit & Analysis

We will provide your brand with our assistance to avoid common errors throughout the software selection. In addition, we'll make sure that your complete marketing tech stack is integrated so you can use data from disparate platforms.

Custom Attribution model testing

We help you create your very own attribution model so that you can evaluate your marketing performance from a completely different perspective. We also produce different attribution model outputs to test your marketing channels' spending and adjust it to increase conversions and sales.

Data visualization

We help you make decisions at all levels of the organization based on data-driven insights. We build successful visualizations on flexible and extensible modern data platforms that can be the key to breaking down information barriers and propelling your company forward.

Data engineering

We convert big data that is streamlined and translated into actionable business intelligence. Our team of trained and experienced Data Engineers and Consultants build a high-performance infrastructure and optimize your data to assist you in making better decisions and achieving your business objectives


Our tag management system (TMS) makes it simple for you to implement, manage, and maintain tags on digital properties with an easy-to-use online interface. We use TMS to lay the groundwork for your organization's data collecting and governance requirements and improve customer experiences.

Transform Your Digital Marketing

Customers today want meaningful interactions with businesses that deliver relevant material and accurate recommendations, making their journey easier from beginning to end. This means creating a robust marketing strategy that gets your business right in front of your consumers.

This involves finding the appropriate message on the right channel at the right moment for advertisers. This concept was once unthinkable, but marketing analytics brings it to life.

Your business will produce more sales and more meaningful engagement by forecasting and responding to emerging trends through marketing analytics.

Your team will be able to apply actionable data throughout the client journey by:

  • Create more meaningful content that connects with your intended target audience: Analytics may help your team adjust their marketing approach to create more meaningful content that connects with your intended target audience.
  • Increase client retention and loyalty: Your most valued customers are the ones that you’ve currently retained. Use analytics to figure out how to keep providing a unique experience to both new and returning clients.
  • Identify areas where you can improve: Analyze your strategy over time to find ways to improve your digital experience using customer analytics and understand its value.
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Why partner with us?

We are at the forefront of assisting agencies and businesses in providing meaningful analytics services in the post-iOS14 world. We understand what works and how to put it in place. No two solutions are alike; we only offer bespoke solutions that meet clients’ needs and budgets. Our specialized research team is always on the hunt for new trends in the market to provide you with the most accurate data and analysis you can use for marketing and branding your business.

We are a team of trained consultants with experience in data analytics and marketing strategies that can help the marketing department or businesses achieve their objectives. Putting all data such as media, paid advertising, organic, social media, digital marketing, mobile marketing, customer relationship management, and email marketing into meaningful data helps us transform any firm into a truly customer-centric organization.

We ensure that your experience is seamless when working with TC Jennings Consulting as a marketing analytics consultant. You may use analytics to remove the mystery from your client journey or business and understand how your digital investments function.

Are you just getting started with implementation? Then, we’ll work together to develop your strategy for success, from deciding which metrics to track to assisting your end-users in applying insights to their daily tasks.

Integration: Do you already have systems in place but want to do more with them? To get the most out of your software investments, create a technological ecosystem that takes advantage of each software’s characteristics.

Optimization: Explore and examine how a new perspective on data might help you get more out of your marketing efforts with our custom solutions. Your organization can transform analytics into a competitive edge with the help of marketing analytics experts… and we would love to be your very own Marketing Analytics Consulting partner.

Are you ready to begin? Then, schedule a call with us, and we’ll work together
to manage your data and create an exceptional client experience.

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What They Say


T.C. was a trusted advisor on strategy and tactics for our accounts. His guidance in performance marketing helped our account perform significantly better within 90 days. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to increase the productivity of their paid channels.

Anthony Blatner CMO,


I worked with TC on a ppc team that was primarily focused on B2B businesses and was thoroughly impressed with his ability to think strategically; Not only on the clients needs but also internally, especially pertaining to scalability. Bringing innovative ideas to the table was definitely an appreciated strong suit.

Blake D. Smith Digital Marketing Manager


TC demystified a lot of confusing things about paid media for us. And he synthesized our ideas with his best practices to get a great Linkedin campaign up and running for us in two weeks! Plus he’s a great guy- energetic, responsive and fun to work with.

Rocco Seyboth VP Marketing, LinearB