Attention: Media Buyers (PPC people)

You have to be aware of current events and how they WILL change the way you manage your #googleads or #facebookads accounts.

The Big 3:

  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Black Friday / Holidays

These events have significantly changed both the AUCTION environment (i.e the software/UI in which you try to optimize the account in) and the RELATIONSHIP environment (i.e the stakeholders who pay you to run their accounts).

The relationship environment is the most important (and hardest) to get right.

Here are 3 areas we as media buyers need to be aware of when talking to internal stakeholders or clients:

  • ❌ Fiscal Pain – in most industries, stakeholders are seeing lower margins than ever before
  • ❌Stress – the people you are talking to about Google Ads are most likely experiencing more stress in their personal lives
  • ❌Urgency – the combination of stress and financial hardship can make people want to move faster in order to improve their situation as quickly as possible

How do you react as a media buyer?

  • Compassion/Empathy/Love – Acknowledge the financial impact and if you are experiencing or seeing it in your own life, don’t be afraid to say so
  • Communication – When people are stressed, you need to over-index on communication. It lets them know you are in the fight with them
  • Be Chill – Understand that your seat is going to stay hot over the next few months – be calm, don’t do anything out of character. Remember the fundamentals of advertising and be a voice of reason in a time where there’s a lot of voices, but not a lot of reason.

In these difficult times, you want to lean in on relationships – they may very well be the only thing that saves your account, and your job.

Stay up!