Are you trying to optimize your agency’s financial performance? Are you struggling with Quickbooks, Gusto, or other accounting platforms? Do you need C-level financial advice and strategy, but don’t want to hire a CFO?

We understand these questions. As agency owners and operators, we know what it’s like to manage the finances of a digital marketing agency. The financial responsibilities of a media agency are unique, unlike any other business in the world.

We have the right skills and resources to be your financial strategy, accounting, and tax preparation partner. Allow us to bring our wealth of knowledge to benefit your business – we will conduct financial research, financial analysis, build P&Ls, create and manage budgets, and handle payroll. Our financial strategy consultants can give you Fractional CFO services from a partner that understands the agency world.

Identify your agency’s best accounts with our account-level financial advice which comes from demonstrated experience in agency financial thinking, planning, analyzing, and research. Our account experience ranges from Fortune 500 to Unicorn venture capital-backed tech companies. As a result, you receive a driven, well-researched, and professionally executed financial service.

Our aim is to improve your current financial position by providing best practices and optimizing your accounting approach.

The marketing agency space has evolved and so has our financial solution.

What Is The Best Financial Strategy For My Agency?

Digital marketing financial strategy enables agencies to generate forecasts and action plans to meet their financial objectives. Financial strategies vary from one agency to the other and need to be tailored to each agency’s specific industry vertical, size, and growth goals.

Our financial strategy development includes but is not limited to bookkeeping, accounting, payroll support, reconciliations, financial reporting & analysis, management and payment of media invoices, budgeting and forecasting, and financial consulting.

In the current digital world, starting and growing an agency may come with varied financial challenges that will need different financial strategies and solutions. If you have a precise financial plan to execute all operations and meet agency goals then you can sleep well at night knowing you are prepared for what may come.

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Our Services

The Benefits of a Fractional CFO

Experienced-Based Strategies

Our consultants have experience running finances for some of the best agencies in the world. They have a wealth of knowledge that can only be gained through experience - use our knowledge to save you money, and pain.

We have proprietary software that digs deep into financial data to provide a thorough financial research report that helps us better understand how to optimize your accounting, invoicing, and tax strategy.

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Identify Your Most Profitable Service Lines

In order to scale or maintain your agencies profitability, you will need to understand what services and accounts are most profitable. Once you know which lines of business make you the most money, or have the highest margins, you will be able to invest your capital in a more strategic way.

Allow us to conduct profit and loss analysis at the service and account level to help you determine which services you should invest in more, which accounts you need to upsell, and how to create a framework which manages towards profitability.

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Find Financial Weaknesses

Most agencies grow organically, without having a firm financial structure in place from the beginning. This approach naturally causes agencies to have areas in their financial practice that leaves them open to legal risk and unprofitable strategies.

We will find those weaknesses and advise you on the best way to manage them.

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Marketing Agency Financial Strategy

Technology Audit

From Quickbooks to Gusto to and everything in between, agencies use a variety of technologies to manage their financial activities. We will conduct a financial tech-stack audit to help you improve financial processes and fix any outstanding issues you may.

Marketing Agency Invoice Management

Invoicing can be a pain. Clients pay late, they object to paying, or there is an issue with processing payment. We will manage your invoicing with a custom approach that fits your agency.

Marketing Agency Tax Preperation

Preparing taxes is a unique process for a marketing agency. Our experienced CPAs will help you prepare your taxes to take advantage of credits, refunds, and strategies that fit your agency's size and revenue.


What They Say


T.C. was a trusted advisor on strategy and tactics for our accounts. His guidance in performance marketing helped our account perform significantly better within 90 days. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to increase the productivity of their paid channels.

Anthony Blatner CMO,


I worked with TC on a ppc team that was primarily focused on B2B businesses and was thoroughly impressed with his ability to think strategically; Not only on the clients needs but also internally, especially pertaining to scalability. Bringing innovative ideas to the table was definitely an appreciated strong suit.

Blake D. Smith Digital Marketing Manager


TC demystified a lot of confusing things about paid media for us. And he synthesized our ideas with his best practices to get a great Linkedin campaign up and running for us in two weeks! Plus he’s a great guy- energetic, responsive and fun to work with.

Rocco Seyboth VP Marketing, LinearB