Part 1: Elevating you career

Part 2: The three parts of triage

  • Understanding layers
  • Cycle deep dive

Part 3: Define the problem

  • Root cause analysis
  • Lever/layer knowledge
  • Event analysis

Part 4: Ask the right questions

  • The concussion video

Part 5: Why?

  • Multiple Whys
  • Example

Part 6: Develop Hypotheses

  • Step by step
  • Example

Part 7: Prove or Disprove

  • Seek additional context

Part 8: Practical/QA

  • Ask T.C. Questions
  • Slack group

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What They Say


T.C. was a trusted advisor on strategy and tactics for our accounts. His guidance in performance marketing helped our account perform significantly better within 90 days. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to increase the productivity of their paid channels.

Anthony Blatner CMO,


I worked with TC on a ppc team that was primarily focused on B2B businesses and was thoroughly impressed with his ability to think strategically; Not only on the clients needs but also internally, especially pertaining to scalability. Bringing innovative ideas to the table was definitely an appreciated strong suit.

Blake D. Smith Digital Marketing Manager


TC demystified a lot of confusing things about paid media for us. And he synthesized our ideas with his best practices to get a great Linkedin campaign up and running for us in two weeks! Plus he’s a great guy- energetic, responsive and fun to work with.

Rocco Seyboth VP Marketing, LinearB