Marketing agencies are fast-paced, require sensitive dialogue, and always seem to be in a state of change. My experience in the agency world is your secret weapon. My team and I are uniquely positioned to help you uncover solutions that deliver better paid media, SEO, and client management.

TCJC specializes in elite performance marketing management. We are known for best-in-class management of Google (SEO and Ads), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube, Microsoft (Bing), Apple Search Ads, Yahoo Native, and other channels. What makes us even more unique is that we understand the soft skills that are vital to agency personnel success in a dynamic environment.

How we can help:

  • Execution of channels: You have an account that your team doesn’t have the bandwidth or skill to run - we got you.
  • Strategic Support: Your team can execute, they just need to know what to do. We provide strategic direction and management of your account(s).
  • Training: We create a custom tailored training plan to help your team build, optimize, and execute paid and organic media strategies. Training can include in-person workshops, video tutorials, and 1-on-1 calls.


We build media programs

Do your paid media and search engine optimization offerings keep you up at night? Are you worried you might lose a client because you do not execute well enough on a performance scope? After working with us, you will sleep like a baby.


Take a weakness in your agency and make it a strength.


Let’s talk


Hard and soft skills

Today’s agency environment requires more than just good media management. You know that. That’s why you are here. If you just wanted to check the box, you’d hire a freelancer or offshore media team. You know that in order for your agency to be successful, your team needs the soft skills to compliment the hard skills.


See soft skills and hard skills in action.


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